Laser Engraving for all Kinds of Materials

Laser Engraving must be one of the most versatile methods for marking items permanently – many different materials can be engraved, including a wide range of metals (softer metals such as gold as well as harder metals such as titanium can be engraved with equal success). It is also possible to engrave other materials via the use of a laser, materials such as plastic, wood, leather and glass. Engraving is useful for many purposes, from creating aesthetic designs on accessory pieces to identification devices (for example, a dog tag with name and owner’s number).

Custom Laser Engraving

If you wish to personalize a gift or mark a personal possession with your name, Laser Engraving is one of the best solutions for creating a permanent marking which does not detract from the appearance of the item. You can make engraving barely visible, but can also make it large and noticeable, if desired. If you have a sentimental piece of jewelry which you wish to engrave with your details in case of loss, for example, you will want to have text engraved in large enough letters to read easily, yet you may alternatively wish to have an item engraved with a number which can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

We are a Specialist Laser Engraving Business

We are a laser engraving business only, with no other sidelines, and thus we have focused on developing our services to a high standard. When you opt to have items engraved for personal or business purposes, we can offer you the benefit of Laser Engraving which entails accuracy, affordability, quality, high resolution and permanence. Whether you need to create serial numbers for your manufactured products or are looking for personal engraving solutions, we offer effective solutions.

Laser Engraving Services are Environmentally Safe

Those who prefer to keep their carbon footprints low will be pleased to know that Laser Engraving is one of the more environmentally friendly methods for marking items. Printing and other methods may have results, yet some of these methods have waste such as by-products which are harmful chemicals. Our Laser Engraving services can leave your item/s with the words and/or logo you want to create and obtain the finished product in as relatively short time. Engraving is also flexible, as marks can be changed.

We Offer Express Laser Engraving with Excellent Turnaround Times

Many of our previous clients have made reference in their feedback to our short turnaround times, and if you need something engraved and can’t afford to wait forever, you are likely to be pleased with our express Laser Engraving services. We can engrave multiple items for you with the same design and/or wording, and you can use a wide variety of icons and symbols as well as fonts in creating an engraving which is unique to your item if you are having something engraved for creative purposes. You can contact us with any specific enquiries and we will be glad to answer them.