Minimum charge (15 characters): $40.00
Additional characters: $1.00 per letter
Hebrew or Greek characters: $20.00 additional
First Class Shipping: FREE
Additional Insurance: $10.00
Overnight Shipping: $25.00

Wedding Bands Outer Engraving
For special handwritten message engraving, please
use this special order form 
(print out, fill out, and mail).

If you have an item that you would like engraved, fill out the order form online, print and enclose it when you send your item to Laser Engraving EXPRESS. You are responsible for shipping and insurance to Laser Engraving EXPRESS. Each item shipped must be well packed and insured. We will not assume any liability for any damage or loss in transit.

All rings will be inspected for damage prior to engraving and will be handled with care during processing. Laser engraving may leave a slight residue or haze around the engraving. Ultrasonic or steam cleaning by the purchaser will remove this residue.

If there is damage, shortage or tampering in transit, it is your responsibility to file a claim WITH THE CARRIER. All packages are sealed with tamper proof tape when released to the carrier.

Our services also include Logo set up and custom handwriting. We engrave in most languages (with Latin characters). We also engrave in Hebrew and Greek for an extra charge (see prices below). For this and any other questions and queries please call us at 1-800-652-7237.

Payment Details

We accept credit cards, checks and money orders. No orders shipped prior to checks cashed. Make checks/money orders payable to L.A.D.F.

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