You have bought your partner a ring; something to express your love for them and gratitude and to make it extra special, you decide to engrave the inside band with yours and theirs initials. Or you're a company director, as a gift to your employees; you decide to buy them all special pens with their names etched delicately on the side. Custom laser engraving services have over many decades been instrumental in marking objects in interesting ways. In this age, anything can be engraved, making sure that your mark is left for others to see. What is laser engraving? Laser engraving is the process by which a laser is used to carve an image of sorts into a specific material. This is usually done through the use of a special laser engraving machine. Custom laser engraving services use specially designed machines that work with a computer in order to engrave patterns onto metals, woods and other surfaces. These computers (or controllers) are used to control the intensity, direction, spread of the laser beam and speed of movement aimed at the surface. Intrinsically, the laser converts the light energy it uses into heat which is then applied to the suface and produces a clear and perfectly engraved pattern. What materials can be engraved? Custom laser engraving services have perfected engraving patterns on a multitude of surfaces through the control of the laser at various frequencies. Each surface is treated differently and therefore, through the use of technology, the laser can be adjusted and the surface can be engraved upon. These various materials are: " Wood/Natural Material: If one looks back in time, this was one of the first materials used to engrave on. Different woods will require different laser settings. If the wood is hard, chances are the engraving will be clearer than on softwood, which has to be done more carefully. " Metals: This material used to be the hardest material on which to engrave, but due to advances in technology, it has now become one of the best and more popular materials to use. One method of engraving is to use specially formulated ink that is permanently bonded to the metal via the use of lasers allowing to create a far darker and more prominent engraving. This form of engraving is used specifically at jewellers who provide custom laser engraving services. " Plastics: Certain plastics can be engraved upon quite easily, but over time, special plastics have been created as traditional ones tend to melt around the edge of the engraving. " Glass: Due to glass not being able to turn gaseous very quickly, it is far easier to engrave glass using techniques such as sandblasting or diamond cutting. However, at the right speed, power and focus, glass can in fact me engraved using a laser with excellent results. Using the latest technology, Laser Engraving Express offers a custom laser engraving service for a variety of materials. Although their specialty is jewellery personalization, this business can engrave other products with logos and signs and can in fact, do just about everything. At Laser Engraving Express you can get anything from a ring engraved to your cell phone and iPod and with the use of lasers, no contact is made with your object causing less wear and tear. Situated in the Diamond District of Los Angeles, this custom laser engraving service will help you engrave anything that needs engraving; done by those extensively trained in the process of engraving. Engraving an object is the best way to create a memory that will last for a long time. So whether it is glass, metal or wood; a custom laser engraving service will help you carve out your memory and make sure that it remains there for many decades to come.