If you have products that your company would like engraved then our custom laser pen engraving is the latest in technology that can engrave any materials you are considering. You can have items for promotions, identification, or for sentimental value engraved with Laser Engraving Express' custom laser pen engraving technique. Engraving by means of using special laser pens means that you can have detailed artwork, writing, or images engraved on your products. Custom laser pen engraving can be done on wood, glass, almost all metals and even on plastic. Branding your logo on cell phones, pens, jewelry, watches and other promotion items is a great way of getting your brand name known on the market. After years of serving numerous clients for custom laser pen engraving with uncompromising standards for all jobs we do, it is easy to see why we have built up a reputation of being the best. Our customers' testimonials and word of mouth advertising has helped us grow in leaps and bounds as a leading engraving company with no job too big or too small for us to handle. Our specialized custom laser pen engraving services cover all types of engraving, from promotional products work to specialized projects to individualized jobs. You can rest assured that we know how important it is to meet deadlines when you need engraving completed promptly. Custom laser pen engraving is performed by computerized machines by means of focused laser beams that burn or etch the material being engraved. This form of engraving is permanent so your artwork or lettering needs to be 100 % correct before you submit it because errors cannot be rectified afterwards. Bulk items can be engraved easily because the computer is programmed with the image or lettering and the item needs just be inserted into the slot. The custom laser pen engraving machine then moves on an X-Y axis according to the artwork programmed and the job is automatically completed with precision and accuracy. Laser Engraving Express has been doing custom laser pen engraving for many years for customers in using laser technology. This has replaced older methods that used scribes and high speed rotating pens. For your custom laser pen engraving work or any other engraving requirements, simply give us a call so we can give you a free quote for the job you are considering. You can also email us at the contact details link and we will respond promptly. Browse our website and investigate what we can do for you in the way of engraving. You will be delighted to see some examples of our work and variety of items that can easily be engraved with state of the art custom laser pen engraving. We know that after you have used our services as the leading Engraving company for your projects or individualized engraving needs you be satisfied that we are unbeatable both in workmanship quality and prices.