Did you know that most wedding couples engrave rings before the ceremony? This etching inside the bands make them more personal and unique. Typically this includes the couple's names and wedding date, and if there is room it will also include a nice saying or phrase. You may look inside wedding bands and notice these phrases and other information inside.The way a person or couple will engrave rings for their wedding ceremony is their own decision but it makes them not just unique but also easier to identify in case of theft or loss. The engraving is like an individual stamp on those rings that might otherwise be difficult to identify; obviously another person would have a hard time claiming the ring was theirs if the inside is stamped with your name and wedding date! So often you engrave rings for safekeeping. This is a reason to consider doing this for other rings that are valuable, not just wedding rings. If you have an heirloom or a new purchase, you want to consider why most people engrave rings as soon as possible. Being able to put a personal mark on the inside will mean keeping that ring identified for police and insurance purposes in case of theft or loss. Being able to engrave rings is also a personal choice. If you have family heirlooms you may want to consider adding the name of the person from whom it originated, if this is missing. Many engrave rings as a way of keeping track of the family tree. You can also better understand the significance of a piece of jewelry if it's identified by its original owner and the date, as many pieces last for decades if not even centuries! Think too of how to dress up a plain band that you might give for a gift. When you give someone a ring for a special occasion, you might consider having a service engrave rings before you do this. This occasion might mean an engagement but it may also be for a baptism or christening, for graduation, a special birthday, or an anniversary. Commemorating this event with an inscription inside the band is one major reason why people engrave rings, and it's something to consider if you're thinking of presenting a ring as a gift for someone.So how do you engrave rings? A good jeweler can do this for you but keep in mind that the jewelers you see at the mall are not your only option. There are companies that operate online and in other locations that can also engrave rings any way you want. Many that you see online can offer you great cost savings as jewelers typically charge top dollar for this service. When you are ready to have this done, be sure to shop around for various pricing and services you're offered. Many that offer these services charge by the letter, so give some thought as to what you want to have inside.