Did you know it's a common practice to engrave wedding bands before a wedding? This small inscription on the inside of a ring may not seem like much but it's actually very important, and there are reasons why it's done. A jeweler from whom you purchase your rings may offer to do this service for you, but sometimes you can spend less money by finding another company either online or in person.Obviously you don't need to engrave wedding bands if you don't want, but not having them engraved can make the bands seem unfinished and missing something important. Typically you would engrave wedding bands with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. In some cases there is room enough to add another phrase, usually something important to the couple or something more generic. A couple can add a phrase from their favorite love song such as "Love Me Tender" or "From This Moment," or they can add a phrase such as "Two Hearts Become One." The way you engrave wedding bands is your own personal choice. When you engrave wedding bands you make them more personal to each other; they are not longer just generic pieces of jewelry you purchased from a store but are now very unique and owned by the two of you. Like very other detail of a wedding, they are now individually yours. There is a practical reason why some engrave wedding bands and that is to keep them identified in case they're lost or stolen. It would be difficult for someone else to claim the bands as their own if they're engraved with your name and wedding date!For smaller rings, you can still engrave wedding bands with an abbreviated version of your names and date. You can use your initials and the month and day, such as 10-19 for October nineteenth. By using abbreviations when you engrave wedding bands, you still have this added note but don't need to worry about how it will fit on the inside of the rings. Being able to engrave wedding bands can also mean making plain bands more special and unique. Many couples today are struggling financially and are not willing to spend thousands on fancy bands that will put them into debt, so by adding this engraving to plain bands, they're more personal. The cost to engrave wedding bands is typically much more affordable than the cost to buy those fancier rings, which can always be purchased at a later date. Typically the jeweler from which you purchase your rings can engrave wedding bands, but sometimes they charge much more than other locations simply because they know couples will use them as a first choice. To save yourself some money, you may want to shop around to find another company that will engrave wedding bands for a much lower price. This can save you literally hundreds, as will comparing those prices if you choose different wording or lettering.