How often do you hear of the practice of adding engraving in rings? Most do this for their wedding bands, and for good reason. There is more value to this practice than just making the bands personal, and there are very good reasons to think about having this done for your own rings even if you've owned them for some time.Typically people do add engraving in rings in order to personalize their bands. This makes those wedding rings uniquely theirs and add personality to them as well. It's a way of commemorating the dates, and is something appreciated if the bands are passed on to children later in life. Adding this engraving in rings also makes inexpensive bands seem a bit more personal and stylish. Many couples today are foregoing the very expensive wedding bands because of the cost, but don't want just plain bands with no personality either. Adding engraving in rings that are inexpensive can dress them up and make them seem more personal and less like something you simply picked up at the local retail store. There is also a practical reason to add engraving in rings and that is for identification purposes. Often this marking is important to recover the rings in case of theft or loss. There is less need to convince the police that they have your rings if you can identify the markings, and less chance someone else will claim them as their own if the rings have your name and wedding date inside! Adding this engraving in rings is a good idea especially for very valuable rings and family heirlooms. Even if you've owned the bands for some time, you can still add this to the inside.It's also typically recommended to add engraving in rings for when they're purchased for special occasions. It's not unusual to purchase rings or to give them as gifts to commemorate a baby's birth or adoption, a christening or baptism, an anniversary, a graduation, or a special birthday such as Sweet 16. Adding engraving in rings is a good way to note the occasion and the person's name on the inside. You can also add a phrase or saying that is appropriate. Getting engraving in rings is not difficult and most jewelers can do this for you. You can also find places online that will offer this service typically for much less than your local jewelers. When you do decide to add engraving in rings, make sure you have a qualified individual do this; don't allow just anyone with an engraver or etching machine near your jewelry! This is because engraving in rings is part science but part art, and the person doing it should understand this craft. They often follow a template but they're dealing with very small parts and lettering and cannot make a mistake. This is why it's so important to have someone very skilled help you with this when you're ready to add this to your rings.