The idea of putting engraving on rings is a common one for wedding bands and anniversary rings. Usually this etching includes the couple's name and wedding date, or will include a nice phrase or saying to commemorate the event. Adding engraving on rings is about more than making them personal; it can also be a way to identify those rings if they are ever lost or stolen. Claiming a plain gold band from the police station might be difficult, but if the band has your name on the inside, this makes it easier on you. It's also difficult for someone else to claim your band as their own if the engraving on the rings is your name and wedding date! Many police and insurance companies even recommend some type of personalized etching inside a ring so as to protect its identity and the identity of its owner. Other than for security reasons, when is engraving on rings appropriate? Is it necessary for every band? What if you've had this piece of jewelry for some time? And what should be included when you actually choose to have engraving on rings; is it for just names and dates, or something else? While there are no right answers or wrong answers, you can consider a few simple tips in this regard.There are virtually no times when engraving on rings would be inappropriate, as of course it's your band to do with as you please. In some cases it's good to add something inside the band to commemorate an event, and there are many events that might be celebrated with a ring. Obviously an engagement is one, but many celebrate an anniversary with a new band. You might also consider engraving on rings for graduation gifts, for baptism or christening, or for other special occasions such as Sweet 16. There are many occasions that would make a gift of a ring appropriate, and etchings inside can make it even more so. When you do add engraving on rings, think of how you can personalize them with more than just names and dates. Often you can fit in sayings and phrases that are appropriate. For instance, for wedding bands you can add a line from your favorite song or poem. If you've written your own vows, add in a line from your vows. Anything that makes the engraving on rings more personal will make the bands and the occasion more personal, so give this some thought.Shop around when looking for engraving on rings; don't assume your local jeweler is your only option. He or she may be charging more simply because their location is local and people are willing to pay more for the convenience. Shop around online for those that handle engraving on rings and you may see quite a bit of savings. This savings may also mean that you can afford more words and letters, so your bands are then uniquely your own.