Titanium is used in steel as an alloying element. Titanium is used to reduce, to a grain size, the steel and titanium that are used widely in many applications, including aerospace and certain automotive applications, but is mostly used in automobile and motorcycle racing. In addition, titanium is used in connecting rods found within an engine, as well as piston rods and hardware. The uses of titanium are endless and titanium has, in fact, been used by the Parker Pen Company in the production of the T-1 fountain pen. Through laser engraving, engraving, and etching, marking logos and serial numbers on titanium components is possible. In fact, laser engraving can be effectively used on number of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium, as well as certain plastics, wood, glass, and leather. Laser Engraving Express is able to offer the service of skillful laser engraving, and this form of engraving has become a trusted choice for use of marking instruments and components in many industrial applications and promotional products. Laser engraving on titanium within the aerospace industry allows aircraft parts and components to be marked with numbers, logos, and scales. The utilizing of laser engraving within the industrial sector is growing rapidly, and laser engraving is effectively marking and etching vital components for a wide range of industries and applications. In recreational applications, titanium is used in many sporting goods, such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, football helmet grills, as well as in bicycle frames and components. It is here where Laser Engraving Express is able to offer simplistic methods to score serial numbers, sizes, or logos directly onto the sporting gear. By engraving on titanium, a crisp, highly-defined and permanent etch is produced, and since the process of engraving makes use of no harmful toxic byproducts, as with a number of other marking industries, laser engraving is the preferred choice. The process of laser engraving is a simple one; however, end results of this practice crate a mark, etch, or engraving that is steadfast, durable, and permanent. Lasers are used throughout the engraving process and the laser is able to imprint tiny components and objects, such as the shaft of titanium Parker Pen, which bear the Parker Pen logo and emblem. In addition, titanium is a popular choice for jewelry designs. Recently, with new developments in the jewelry industry, titanium can now be grooved, inlaid, and carved without causing the titanium to lose its strength. It is here where laser engraving on titanium is again used to etch serial numbers or logos, or even to create personal messages within the wedding band or engagement ring. Laser engraving offers faster results, as opposed to other methods, and since laser engraving can be successfully carried out on a range of material mediums and metals, including titanium, it is offering a number of industries a versatile alternative to successfully mark and categorize their products. In light of the numerous advantages that are associated with the practice of laser engraving, many industrial and recreational applications are utilizing laser engraving to produce high resolution and precise etchings and markings. Feel free to view the Laser Engraving Express website at http://www.laserengravingexpress.com, and discover the full range of our engraving services.