Would you entrust your motor vehicle to just any car dealer when in need of a specialty service? Then why would you entrust your precious, personal jewelry to just any engraving service to have your special wording placed upon it? Engraving services are not all the same. Laser Engraving Express specializes in engraving by using lasers to engrave, mark, or etch your piece of jewelry. Many of our competitors use diamond tipped machines to achieve this, but using a ray of light ensures that the chance of any damage occurring will not happen. In this day and age, it is also important to always keep the environment in mind, and as there are no consumables used in this process, there is no dilemma in the disposal of any toxic by-products, which could be encountered by other methods and the companies that use them. At Laser Engraving Express, we do not only engrave items of a personal nature. Corporate Businesses can use our engraving services for Conference gifts or Corporate Retirements gifts. Perhaps you are in the jewelry industry and cannot cope with the demand for engraving. Why not subcontract your excess load to Laser Engraving Express? Logos or symbols can be etched onto items or giveaways for the Promotional and Marketing Industry. Name Badges can be made quickly and accurately for not only the Hospitality Industry, but just about any Industry that utilizes name identification. In fact, our engraving services can be utilized by almost any Industry - Corporate, Industrial, Promotional, or Medical. This meticulous and accurate method of engraving can be used on just about any type of material, including stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, glass, and plastic to name but a few. Laser Engraving Express offers a wide variety of engraving services, such as personal text, trademarks, security numbers, business logos, and much more. There are many engraving services on the market; however, Laser Engraving Express holds many advantages over other methods of engraving. The speed with which we can produce a finished product makes this engraving service highly cost effective as opposed to other techniques used in the engraving services market. Quality and accuracy are two of our benchmarks, and using laser also makes certain that a high resolution is obtained. Many different fonts can be chosen and changed for replication, which in turn increases our flexibility and results in a fantastic final product. Situated in the hub of the Diamond District in Los Angeles, you will find Laser Engraving Express on 607 South Hill Street, on the third floor of the California Jewelry Mart Building. So whether you are looking to personalize your 20th Anniversary Eternity Ring, engrave a bracelet for your beloved, or create a memory that will last a lifetime, we invite you to use our high-tech engraving services. Laser Engraving Express is a professional, modern, high quality provider of all your engraving service needs. Feel free to contact us for any advice as we are at your service! All in all, Laser Engraving Express can truly make a lasting impression!