It's a common practice today, engraving wedding bands before a marriage ceremony or immediately afterwards. Typically this etching would include the bride's and groom's names and the wedding date. If there is room, it might also include a phrase or saying that is important to them.Some find this surprising as they're not used to the custom of engraving wedding bands, or it may not have occurred to them to have this done. They may then wonder just what should be included and why, and if it's necessary or just a good tradition. Obviously your rings are yours to do with as you please, but there are some important things to remember about engraving wedding bands and why it's still a common practice. One thing to think about is that engraving wedding bands is a way to make them more personal and unique. Even if you have the rings custom made, they may look similar if not identical to someone else's rings. You want your rings to be as unique and as special as you, so engraving wedding bands is like adding details to your wedding or your new home together. A small touch like this can make the rings seem more personal to you and something truly unique.The practice of engraving wedding bands is also a good safety measure. Police and insurance companies use this etching as a way to identify your rings in case of theft or loss. If you were to claim your stolen rings as yours from the police station, that etching makes it that much easier to identify, and it's difficult for someone else to claim your ring as theirs if it has your name on the inside! Insurance companies often encourage this engraving of wedding bands so that the property can be identified more readily when it's recovered. So what is included in the engraving of wedding bands? Your names and date of the wedding is of course something to start with, and a phrase that is personal to you can also be included. It might be a line from a song such as "From This Moment On" or "Just the Way You Are." It might include a phrase such as "two hearts beat as one" or "with this ring." In some cases engraving wedding bands can be pricey when you add these phrases so they can be omitted if this is your choice.You can find jewelers for engraving wedding bands after your marriage ceremony rather than before, and it can be done at any time. Some also include this etching on other rings such as anniversary rings, rings given for baptism or christening, or graduation rings. Since you decide what the etching will say, you can add it at any time and have it say anything. When engraving wedding bands, consider other rings you may already have that would benefit from this etching, to make them more personal and for the sake of security in case of theft or loss.