The art of crafting jewelry is almost as old as humanity's history on the planet Earth. People have been making jewelry for a long time to adorn themselves with or as gifts to kings and gods. From simple things like bracelets and torques made from simple gold or other metals, to intricately designed pieces that have entire stories engraved upon their surface, jewelry comes in all manner of shapes sizes and designs. The modern technologies that have become part of our lives have helped in many ways to advance the techniques available to jewelry makers and while purists may have a thing to say about express laser engraving, it is one of the ways of the future that is being seen more often. Engraving a piece of jewelry has been around for quite some time. There is evidence of people engraving rings and other pieces for an indeterminate amount of time though these engravings were rather simple. Simple shapes or simple lines were often engraved into these early pieces to make them a little more interesting than simple wrought metal. The practice of detailed engraving only really took off in about the first century A.D. and was practiced throughout the Roman Empire and allowed it to take off across the entirety of the known world at the time. The Middle Ages and Renaissance saw an increase in the techniques and the arts surrounding engraving making a more commonplace skill to be seen amongst people. All these advances increased in number and complexity up to the express laser engraving that is available today. Using a laser to engrave anything from a piece of jewelry to a sheet of metal is not something that is completely new. The fine manipulations that can be achieved with a laser allow for designs that require a lot of expertise to create and which are not easy to recreate without a lot of effort. Traditional laser engraving techniques, however, often took a lot of time to set up the machine as well as the time needed for the laser to complete all the necessary engraving. With express laser engraving, however, things have become much faster and simple designs can be done in a matter of minutes while even complex designs have been speeded up considerably. Some would argue that express laser engraving has destroyed the art of engraving to some degree. There is no more skill involved as a computer and a laser does all the work. There are still many hand engravers working out there whose work are immaculate and would put any laser to shame. The sad fact of the matter is that the modern era is moving on and lasers are the future of the mass engraving business. While some people will still prefer to use a hand engraver who takes special interest in each piece he does, many people are interested in a quick affair that is over without too much fuss.