People have been making a wide variety of items for a long time from all sorts of different materials and for all sorts of reasons. Two of the crafts of our ancestors that have remained with us throughout the ages are the crafts of jewelry making and engraving. People have been making beautiful pieces of jewelry with which to adorn themselves, their rulers and even then dead for millennia and for almost as long as people have been making jewelry, engraving has also been an art that has evolved and come along with it. When one considers that the two crafts can be quite closely linked it comes as no surprise that when you think of jewelry, engraving is not far behind. The practice of making jewelry as well as engraving jewelry has been around in some form or another for millennia. Even though the pieces of our ancestors would be considered crude and unpolished when viewed against some of the masterpieces that are created today, they have their own beauty and one has to consider the amount of skill that went in to making those pieces. One thing many people forget about these early crafters is that their tools differed widely from what is available today. Jewelry engraving was not a simple practice of using a computer-guided laser to etch the desired design or words onto a piece. Engraving was a pain-staking art that could take hours to days depending on how intricate the design was and what sort of metal was being used in the process. The finely etched swords and pieces that we see from those now-distant times may be beautiful but they were not made overnight. Each of those pieces was a master's work and was considered a great work of art. The same applies to jewelry. Engraving is not the only craft that has been advanced significantly with the aid of computers and lasers. Even the simple manufacture of some pieces of jewelry can be made easier with the use of a precise computer though the practice is not that widespread as such. Many jewelry crafters still maintain the handmade quality that many intricate pieces require, but when a computer and a laser can do all the macroscopic things then the craftsman can spend more time on the finer details. When the technologies and techniques of both jewelry making and engraving are combined together with the skills that have been honed over centuries, some of the most amazing pieces are a result that would have made our ancestors breathless with wonder. While many people may consider the crafts, or even arts, of jewelry making and engraving they do not regard it as necessary. Yet the two have been around for as long as people have been building cities all over the world. People love to create beautiful things and find this desire fulfilled in jewelry. Engraving has been a way to personalize items and jewelry for ages that is still used to this day. While they may not be the most necessary skills, they are skills that people still seek out more often than we realize.