Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object using a beam of light as a tool. A computer system is used to drive the movements of the laser head to achieve precise and clean engravings at a high rate. Laser engraving can be performed on most metals such as steel, titanium, copper, gold, brass and aluminum as well as plastics, wood, glass and leather. Laser crystal engraving is a type of laser engraving that is also known as sub-surface laser engraving (SSLE) and involves engraving an image inside an object made out of crystal. Because tool bits are not employed during laser crystal engraving there is no contact of the laser head with the engraved surface which results in less wear and tear on tooling and associated costs. With laser crystal engraving there is a lesser chance of damaging or deforming the crystal and there are also no consumables or problems associated with disposing of toxic by-products. Laser crystal engraving is a crisp, clean and permanent way of making high precision markings on crystal objects. Laser engraving is used in the promotional, medical, engineering and aerospace industries for marking logos, part numbers, scales and security identification markings. Laser Engraving Express is a service that specializes in personalizing jewelry and is located in the heart of the Diamond District of Los Angeles in the California Jewelry Mart Building. Wonderful moments in our life can be easily forgotten as we grow older and our memory fades but we can keep our memories alive in objects that remind us of these special times. One way of treasuring memories is using laser crystal engraving to create images of things that can spark those events in crystal objects. Not only do they become part and parcel of memorabilia but they also make great gifts for family and friends who shared those special moments with you. Previously, laser crystal engraving was restrained to generic images such as flowers, animals or buildings but today, you can use laser crystal engraving for just about any image. Thanks to 3D camera technology, now you can walk into a laser crystal engraving shop and have your likeness immortalized in a block of crystal. A 3D photo is taken of you that is processed, cleaned and converted into a point cloud ready to be burned by the laser engraving machine. The block of crystal is placed in the laser engraving system and the actual 3D engraving begins. Laser crystal engraving involves a laser beam penetrating the crystal to create tiny cracks, known as points or dots, in the glass. Since the dots are created below the surface, laser crystal engraving is also known as sub-surface laser engraving. Thousands of cracks later you will see a unique mosaic that represents the scanned 3D image you had taken. Laser crystal engraving can also be done using 2D images. These engraved crystal objects make great gift as the images are inside the crystal, preserved forever or until the crystal is destroyed. The image created using laser crystal engraving never fades and so will your memories. For personalized crystal objects that have been engraved contact Laser Engraving Express at; the operators are extensively trained and the turn-around time will guarantee you satisfaction. Whether you are preserving memories, giving personalized gifts or making exquisite wedding souvenirs, laser crystal engraving at Laser Engraving Express is bound to bring tears to your eyes with the sheer beauty and elegance of engraved crystal objects.