The City of Angels is home to many famous landmarks like Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Rodeo Drive, and it is also home to another famous maker of marks - Laser Engraving Express. This laser engraving business is situated in the center of the Diamond District at 607 South Hill Street, on the third floor of the California Jewelry Mart building. Engraving is an art and lasts for a lifetime, so why not bring your favorite piece of jewelry to Laser Engraving Express and let us use our high-tech engraving methods to etch your jewelry with the wording of your choice. Many of our valued clients do not know what materials can be engraved, or they are confused by the many offers that laser engraving businesses offer. Our method of engraving includes the use of a laser beam as opposed to a diamond-tipped machine, allowing us to engrave on almost any material or item. Some of these materials include aluminum, copper, plastics, leather, gold, stainless steel, and platinum. The items that can be marked or etched are wide and varied. Our laser engraving business can engrave bracelets, watches, medical tools, wedding rings, marketing material, and engineering , to name a but a few. It does not stop here either. You are only limited to your creativity, to your own imagination. Bring us your item and we are confident that if it falls within our ambit of engraving, Laser Engraving Express will etch it professionally. What method do we employ that makes us so confident? The use of laser, which is an accurate beam of light that not only causes zero damage (as a piece of equipment does not come into actual contact with your prized possession), but is also a high-precision mode of operation that produces a phenomenally immaculate, yet permanent mark. The laser beam is so accurate that it can also cut through thinner materials, and this is what makes this laser engraving business so incredibly versatile. Many businesses in the Corporate World make use of our laser engraving business to promote their products or companies. They do this by laser engraving name badges, promotional gifts or tags, Conference gifts, honorary gifts for long-service awards, and many other facets of their business. The engineering industry is also on our list of clients, marking serial numbers onto equipment, as well as logos. You may also want to think about your children's personal safety by having attractive identification charms added to their bracelets. In the case of an accident, these could supply vital information to the Emergency Medical Teams. Information such as blood type, allergies, and contact names and addresses can easily be attained should your child be wearing such a charm. At Laser Engraving Express, we cover all eventualities, and this is why we are the laser engraving business of choice. Don't forget that our method of laser engraving is also eco-friendly. There are no toxic consumables that need to be disposed of as a by-product, and Laser Engraving Express is extremely conscientious of the problems that toxic waste is causing our planet. Visit our laser engraving business and keep your memories forever by allowing Laser Engraving Express to quickly and professionally engrave your treasures.