The purpose of laser engraving glass is not only to give your glass decorations or for embellishment but to define your glass and make it unique. Engraving glass with a laser creates images, patterns and texts that are beautiful and symbolic. Some may opt for sandblasting. However, it is important for one to keep in mind that engraving your glass using a laser method is much faster and more effective. Laser engraving is also more economical when using glass because templates and molds do not first have to be created to formulate the desired effect on the glass; laser engraving is a non-contact but direct method. Not only can laser engraving be done on glass but other metals such as steel, titanium, copper, brass, plastics, woods and leather can be laser engraved. Apart from engraving images and symbols onto glass, laser engraving can also be used as a product trademark, the marking of logos onto gifts or the marking of surgical tools in the medical industry. Laser engraving can also be done on jewelry whereby married couples can have their wedding vows engraved inside their wedding rings, meaningful symbols can be engraved onto crystal glasses. The amount of things that be engraved using a laser, whether it is glass or some other material, is only limited to your imagination. If you are not yet convinced that laser engraving is the only way to engrave your glass here are some other advantages for you to consider. Apart from speed the accuracy is precise and quality is superior. Because laser engraving is non-contact, even the most curved surfaces whether glass or jewelry can be accommodated. Special icons, symbols, logos and fonts can also be requested when laser engraving glass or other materials. Options and specifications are unlimited. Some may think that laser engraving will damage the glass. Laser engraving is a simple process whereby glass is etched using a beam of light as a tool. As mentioned above, laser engraving on glass is a non-contact mark this results in less abrasion or scuffing of your engraved glass. Costs regarding the restoration of your glass product once engraved can be avoided when using a simple process called laser engraving. Not only does laser engraving your glass items benefit you, it will not harm the environment with the disposing of toxic by-products as is found when using methods such as sandblasting. Apart from glass laser engraving being clean-cut and permanent, laser engraving, especially on glass, is the fastest and most conventional engraving method used today. If you are looking to engrave glass using fine laser precision it is essential you take your item to an acclaimed laser engraving store. If you live in California it is best you visit Laser Engraving Express situated in the Diamond District of Los Angeles. Laser Engraving Express specializes in glass laser engraving and operators have been specifically trained for this very purpose. Simply visit for examples or you can request Laser Engraving Express to contact you by simply providing details in the "contact us" forum.