Special techniques and laser engraving machines on the market can perform laser engraving on metal to design name plates, mark specific items for identification and ownership, and even engrave special romantic slogans for sentimentality on jewelry. Laser Engraving Express has specialist equipment to accommodate laser engraving on metal for any sized project. Laser engraving can be performed on just about any material possible from plastics to wood and is a very versatile means used by manufacturers and individuals for etching a permanent message, code or serial number on any piece of equipment. When you need laser engraving on metal and wish to use the services of a company that can meet high expectations you have for quality, promptness for completing work and also cost effectiveness you can choose us with confidence. Laser engraving on metal is often confused with etching which is a technique used where acid burns the larking into the metal. Laser engraving on metal is performed by special equipment that can be set electronically to mark any metal with exactness and in almost any sized letterings or symbols. The object or metal plate is placed on an engraving table and the machine set and programmed to the specifics of the project. Laser engraving on metal is performed by a highly controlled laser beam which vaporizes the area of metal that is being marked. High energy of the laser beam emits the heat to burn the markings in to the metal and this marking cannot be removed after it has been done. Metal that has been engraved for identification purposes like weapons makes for markings that will even show up in ghost images with special equipment after attempts have been made to file the markings off. Different methods of engraving are used by manufacturers because this turns out to be particularly useful for printing dates, expiry codes, and lot numbering of products traveling along a production line. Laser engraving on metal is now very popular in the jewelry industry where gold silver platinum and brass jewelry can be marked any way a customer wishes. Laser Engraving Express is fully equipped with the latest state of the art machines and tooling top handle any sized project with ease. It is very important to ensure that before any laser engraving on metal or jewelry is undertaken that the wording, numbering or message is precise in spelling or accurate because laser engraving on metal cannot be undone. For your convenience you can choose your laser engraving on metal project online by completing an easy application form. This is especially popular for people wishing to have jewelry or special items marked. You can enjoy secure payment and ship the items you would like to have laser engraved in the selected fonts and provide us with any details of custom projects you would like completed. Enjoy excellent workmanship for laser engraving on metal, wood, plastic, glass or whatever surface you require all at the most cost effective prices while enjoy courteous and results driven customer service we have built our reputation on.