Laser engraving is generally a simple process; however, it is able to produce a durable, long-lasting, and permanent mark, etch, or engraving on a range of surfaces. Laser Engraving Express utilizes state-of-the-art technology to perform laser engraving on a number of metals that include steel, aluminum, titanium, palladium, copper, brass, as well as certain plastics, wood, glass, and leather. Palladium is widely used within the manufacture of dentistry equipment, watch-making, aircraft spark plugs, and in the production of numerous surgical instruments and electrical contacts, and multilayer ceramic capacitors. Of late, palladium has been successfully used as an alternative to white gold or platinum in jewelry making. Although palladium is much lighter than platinum, it is much harder, and owing to the fact that palladium is naturally white, it needs no rhodium plating, as in the case of platinum. Many industries rely on Laser Engraving Express to successfully perform laser engraving on palladium for use in a number of applications. Lasers are used to engrave a particular object, which may include a particular surgical tool or dental instrument, and laser engraving is used to as a form of traceability on the object. When laser engraving is carried out on palladium, it offers an engraving that is crisp, well-defined, and permanent. Furthermore, laser engraving has resulted in a cost-effective and invaluable method to create permanent and steadfast markings on machinery and tools. There are a number of advantages that are associated with the laser engraving in both industrial and recreational applications, and in light of the fact that there are no consumables involved in laser engraving, no harmful or toxic byproducts are created, which is not the case in other marking industries. As laser engraving is able to engrave an extensive range of surfaces, including laser engraving on palladium, it is widely used in the jewelry sector, either to mark jewelry for categorizing purposes, or simply for creating fun and eternal messages. Laser engraving is often the first and foremost choice for many applications and is relied upon extensively in the medical profession to mark surgical tools, and in the aircraft industry where engraving is successfully used to categorize and mark certain part numbers and to engrave logos and scales onto certain aircraft parts and components. Making use of laser engraving on palladium delivers an affordable and effective choice; therefore, Laser Engraving Express has successfully extended their services to service a number of sectors. Laser engraving is simply not limited to hard metals, such as palladium, but can be carried out on items, such as cell phones, iPods, cameras, and even eyeglasses, allowing for a fool-proof and dependable method of identification. There are endless possibilities that exist through the art of laser engraving. Feel free to view our website at, and learn how Laser Engraving Express can be effectively carried out on numerous surfaces, including hard metals, such as palladium, that allow for accurate identification and categorizing.