The fine art of engraving has been around for centuries, though back in history, crude tools were used to mark property items, jewelry, and select goods to show ownership. Today, new techniques and state-of-the-art laser machines are used, but for certain items, it is still only feasible to do engraving by hand, due to the fragile nature of some products. Engraving can be done on almost every, conceivable material, including the super hard titanium metal. Laser engraving on titanium and other metals that have extreme tempered hardness is the only method that can do a proper, lasting, and accurate job. Titanium is a hard, corrosion-resistant metal that will not even rust in harsh seawater. Initially, it was used in armor plating for defense, but today, you will find this exceptional metal is used in a variety of industries and products. It has become very popular to buy titanium rings, because they are hypoallergenic and will last lifetimes. Some people have reactions to gold and silver and this makes titanium a great alternative. Laser engraving on titanium for your message to your loved one is possible when you use the services of Laser Engraving Express. High power, targeted lasers operated by special computers are used to burn the engraving into the titanium. These lasers are programmed according to the desired markings, and the titanium item is placed into guides on the machine. The laser will follow the program set by the specialist operator to follow whatever writing or markings are desired. Laser Engraving Express is the leading, online business that offers you the services of engraving using internet technology. You can use our online order form and give us the details of what you require, and we will provide you information and a quote for the costs. If you desire laser engraving on titanium, it is vital that the desired writing or marking you wish is perfect before we commence the job. Naturally, because of the properties of this hard metal, a mistake cannot be undone. Besides laser engraving on titanium, you can use our efficient engraving services for any item that you would like marked. Engraving is useful to mark business equipment, special items, are a great way to advertise by marking business logos on promotional items. We have the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, making us one of the few companies that can manage laser engraving on titanium, and you will also find that our costs are excellent value for your money with no job too big or too small. We have already done perfect engraving work for thousands of individuals, jewelry shops, and large consumers. We are located in the heart of the diamond district in Los Angeles and you can see the exact location on our website. If you want to engrave a special message on a piece of jewelry or sports trophy, or if you require laser engraving on titanium, then we can satisfy your needs promptly with fast turn-around times.