Personalized jewelry is the latest thing to hit the market - not customized in the sense of design, but engraved with a special message to the one person who is going to receive your thoughtful gift. You might be purchasing an engagement ring, a birthday pendant, or even a graduation ring, which you can now customize with a date, a name, or a special message by utilizing laser engraving services. A laser engraver is a precision machine that enables you to have your own message neatly engraved into metal in the typeset and font of your choice. Laser engraving can be done on most metals - steel, aluminium, titanium, copper and brass. It can also be done on a variety of other materials, including plastics, wood, glass and leather. This gives you an endless variety of potential uses for laser engraving services, from personalizing a set of cuff links for yourself, to having a beautiful glass statue engraved with a personalized message for your loved one's birthday. For reliable laser engraving services that you can trust, you need to call on Laser Engraving Express: the number one laser engraver for jewelry suppliers in Las Angeles. Laser Engraving is the pioneer in non-marking etching for jewelry and valuables as it utilizes a beam of light (the laser) to cut messages, initials or markings into an object. This means that there is less chance of your precious object getting damaged by the engraving tools or associated chemical substances that some cutting methods utilize. When choosing laser engraving services to personalize a piece of jewelry, you get a clear, clean and crisp line from the laser, leaving your message visible and easy to read without tarnishing or fading. The steady lines that the laser creates is preferable to a hand marking - and if the handwriting 'look' is what you are after, then simply select a specialized handwriting font! There are various other benefits that laser engraving services offer clients. Perhaps one of the most prominent differences is that your message or symbol can be engraved into an object at a much faster speed than other typical engraving methods. These messages or symbols can also be easily adjusted if you change your mind about the design, where this would ordinarily be nearly impossible with other engraving methods. Laser Engraving Express also offers specialized font services through this non-contact method, which means that you can have any typeset you want engraved onto almost any shape surface. For laser engraving services that you can rely on to deliver accurate and affordable results, choose Laser Engraving Express. You can find them in the prominent California Jewelry Mart Building, on the third floor, in the Diamond District of Las Angeles. Make someone truly happy by presenting them with a personalized item of jewelry or special token with a special message engraved in it just for them. Laser engravers can also cut through thin metal as well as engrave on it for an interesting aesthetic take on your personalized engraved message.