Before lazer engraving on metal was introduced, most engraving was manually performed using acids and tempered steel scribers. Today, lazer engraving on metal is done by computers where a highly focused beam of light burns the image or font onto the metal very precisely. The lasers actually burn away the metal that is being engraved and this method of engraving is permanent. Lazer engraving on metal is possible on just about every type of metal, such as gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel and some alloys. Many people choose to engrave jewelry, or items that they wish to mark for identification purposes. Laser Engraving Express has state of the art machinery and equipment that can do lazer engraving on any metals perfectly. We have already handled dozens of projects for individuals and businesses that require laser engraving on any surface they choose. Our comprehensive engraving service includes engraving on plastics, wood, metal and many other materials that you wish to mark or commemorate. Our engraving machines can do lazer engraving on promotional items like mugs, pens cell phones and plaques. We can handle any sized project for you, for a perfectly finished job at excellent prices. Lazer engraving on metal is permanent and once performed cannot be removed. It is thus vitally important for anyone considering lazer engraving on metal to ensure spelling or images are one hundred percent correct before we initiate the work. You can use lazer engraving on metal to burn complete images or fonts in a variety of preferences. We can arrange to make your nameplate plaques in brass or stainless steel for your offices or building entrances, make company logo signs, commemorative plaques for benches, and much more. We handle lazer engraving on metal projects for many customers who prefer using our state of the art laser engraving services. At Laser Engraving Express, we have the latest state of the art laser machines and equipment that provide a perfect finish just as you envisage. You can use engraving to add sentimentality to a special gift or jewelry or to commemorate when the product is manufactured for identification purposes. Our lazer engraving on metal services also cover serial and model number plates for for identification purposes for manufacturers. We look forward to handling any project or engraving task you would like done. Impossible is not in our vocabulary so contact us and let us know what you are considering. We take care of all our customers' lazer engraving on metal and other materials at great value for money and with flexibility to ensure you are completely satisfied. After you have used our services for any of your laser engraving needs we know you will always choose us first for quality, customer services and value for money. Enjoy lazer engraving on metal or laser engraving on any surface you choose by contacting us today with details of your business project or for your individual needs for satisfaction guaranteed.