Metal engraving is widely used across a spectrum of industries today. Some of the most common uses of metal engraving are for means of identification, metal plaques, on jewelry, name badges, signs, displays and hundreds more. Metal engraving can be performed on almost every type of metal that is available from copper to stainless steel, gold, silver and many others. Special tools are used for metal engraving with different tips according to what metal is to be engraved. Laser Engraving Express is pleased to be able to accommodate any needs for metal engraving that you require. Whether it is as simple as a piece of jewelry for your loved one to a large nameplate for your business, we can do it perfectly for you. Your business name can mean more than just a means of identification but is also a means of advertising your services to the public and also to show your pride in the industry you are involved in. A clearly marked building or even a member of your office personnel having an engraved name plate goes a long way to show efficiency and organization in business. In most public service today, such as the police and armed forces, it is mandatory to have name badges of identification both for security purposes and ease of recognition. We can do all metal engraving to meet your needs and all you need do is let us know the quantities and requirements for your project. Our company specializes in engraving of any type using state of the art laser technology so we can do metal engraving for your needs in a variety of formats and materials to meet any industry and customer specifications. Our engraving methods and materials used are of the highest quality and designed to suit all client's needs and business, to ensure both long lasting attributes for both internal and external use as per requirement of our clients. If you want special jewelry engraved, no matter how small the item is, then we are happy to be able to accommodate you with out any problem at all. Metal engraving using laser technology has advanced to the extent that fine metal engraving can be done in any font, logo, or images that you would like. At Laser Engraving express we can accommodate your needs for promotional items in key chains, cell phones, iPods, cameras, pens and many more items. What makes metal engraving very popular is that it cannot easily be removed and this makes it perfect for permanent identification. Engraving and personalizing items is a very popular means of identification today, and thus widely used in many industries, for both business and personal use. If you wish, you can get engraved name badges that can be made from a variety of materials including plastic, glass, resin and even semi precious metals. Metal engraving using laser technology from us allows you a choice of numerous types of writing methods and many different types of fonts to choose from. With such a variety of choice it is easy to meet your taste and requirements and our professional and friendly consultants can meet with you to discuss the right metal engraving to suit what you need and of course to suit your budget requirement as well.