You may think that ring engraving is only done for sentimental value, but this is certainly not true. ring engraving also serves a purpose of authenticating items and special logos are engraved into rings and jewelry that indicate the type of gold or metal. No doubt, you have seen jewelry indicating the purity of gold or silver by carat, and special logos are used by jewelers for this purpose. Laser Engraving Express can do ring engraving for weddings or anniversaries to commemorate these special occasions, or you can have ring engraving done with a special message if you are giving it to your loved one as a gift. Of course, this increases the sentimental value tenfold and the ring will be cherished even more. You will be pleased to have discovered an engraving service that can accommodate any type of engraving. This includes engraving on surgical stainless steel medical equipment, watches, trophies for sports and award plaques, name tags, cell phones and tools. ring engraving is just one of these many services provided by Laser Engraving Express in Los Angeles done at excellent rates. We do most of our engraving with the new technique of focused laser beams performed by state-of-the-art machines. Hair-thin, trained laser beams burn away the material and offer a permanent, non-removable engraved image or font and the machine is controlled by special software that must be programmed by trained personnel. When you want ring engraving done then it is very important that the messages and dates you would like engraved are accurate. Always make sure to double check that the message is correct before submitting your item to us, whether for ring engraving or any other engraving services you require. When shipping items to us if you are out of state, we suggest you follow our guidelines, especially when it comes to special sentimental items if it is valuable, precious jewelry. We suggest using a reputable courier service that is licensed and bonded for your peace of mind. We handle all items in our care with special attention and integrity so you have peace of mind while they are being engraved. If you have a special occasion coming up and need ring engraving make sure to get the ring to us well in time to avoid disappointment. It does not matter where you are located nationwide. Laser Engraving Express can accommodate all your ring engraving, personalized engraving, or commercial engraving needs unlike many other services of this nature. This is because laser engraving equipment with this new technology is extremely expensive, and thus, not all engraving services have this laser etching technique available. For your convenience, you can place your ring engraving order online and then arrange to ship the item to us with the required message, fonts, and even languages. As mentioned before we must stress that the message you wish engraved is one hundred percent accurate because it goes without saying that engraving is permanent.