Jewelries made from tungsten alloy like tungsten rings are fast becoming popular nowadays because of its extreme durability, permanent shine, and high resistance level to scratches. But just like any other products in the market, buying tungsten rings has its advantages and disadvantages. And even with its extreme affordability as compared to other jewelries made from precious metals, tungsten ally can have some drawbacks that you need to seriously consider before purchasing one for yourself. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to choosing tungsten rings over other types of jewelries made from precious metals like gold or platinum. Tungsten alloy are far stronger and durable as opposed to gold and they also require a much lower maintenance because of its naturally lasting shine. Tungsten alloy are popular for its extremely durable characteristics and they even rank second to diamond when it comes to hardness. These special attributes allow tungsten jewelries to become extremely resistant to scratches and other surface damages. For this reason, tungsten rings do not normally require much attention and care as compared to other type of jewelry. The natural shine of tungsten will stay as luminous as the day you purchased it from the jewelry store. tungsten rings are also tougher and much stronger in opposed to other weaker precious metals particularly when it comes to chemicals. And because of the strong attributes of this metal, your tungsten ring will have no dents whatsoever for as long as you wear it. This means that these rings would survive much longer and will allow us to be conscious of the value of the rings over a lifetime. Because of these special characteristics of tungsten rings, men often choose to have this type of jewelry because of its durability. tungsten rings are also perfect for various types of engraving because it will not deform or have scratches on its surface. On the other hand, even if tungsten rings have several wonderful attributes, they also have certain drawbacks you need to consider. For starters, because of its extreme durability and toughness, tungsten rings are very difficult to resize. Sometimes when resizing is out of the option, most jewelers would rather replace the tungsten ring with newly made one with the right size if ever your fingers grow or shrink. It would take specialized equipment to resize tungsten rings and the cost of it sometimes would be almost the same with the principal amount of the ring itself. Another drawback for tungsten ring is the possible skin reaction to its other binding elements especially when cobalt has been used as binder. The cobalt can cause extremely irritating rashes on the skin and sometime, it can also leave some ugly marks on our fingers. This is why experts recommend choosing tungsten rings with nickel binder as opposed to the cobalt one. Regardless of the type of tungsten rings you choose, it is always important to first weigh its pros and cons so you can have the knowledge to make an informed decision prior to your purchase.