Nowadays, tungsten wedding bands have become extremely popular especially for couples who want to have a non - conventional wedding ring. This is because tungsten rings are typically more durable in quality and affordable to boot. So if you are planning to have tungsten wedding rings for your wedding, you need to understand several aspects about tungsten bands before you consider making a purchase. It will also help you make your decision if you know whether to go for matching or individually designed rings. More often than not, couples choose to have matching wedding rings but if you are intent on not becoming part of the mainstream wedding tradition, you can opt to have individually styled wedding rings that will best suit your individual tastes and personalities. Another thing you need to consider is the wedding ring material. Most tungsten wedding bands are made from tungsten carbide which is also the hardest form of metal alloy in the industry today. These particular characteristics make tungsten wedding rings highly resistant to scratches and they can also survive for decades without losing their original form. Compared to conventional gold and or platinum wedding rings, tungsten bands do not lose their shine even after years and years of use. This is because it is one of the special attributes of tungsten to have a permanently polished look. Prices for tungsten wedding bands may vary depending on the size, design, and type of engraving used but they are more affordable than other types of rings made from more expensive but weaker metals like gold. The actual determining factor for the price of tungsten wedding rings are the quality of its craftsmanship. Basically, tungsten wedding rings with less complicated designs have much lower prices as opposed to bands with intricate designs because of the volume of labor consumed when processing the designs. Tungsten wedding rings can also become expensive when other precious metals or stones are added like gold inlays and precious studs. Although it is virtually easy to spot tungsten wedding bands with intricate designs, studs, or precious metal inlays, it can be quite difficult to spot a true high quality craftsmanship particularly if you are not well versed when it comes to this type of jewelry. For this reason, you need to find a jeweler that takes pride on what they do by not deceiving their clients about the quality of tungsten wedding ring they offer. Comfort is a big issue here because tungsten rings can be quite heavy. Another thing that can make it uncomfortable to wear is how symmetric the ring has been made. This is why it is really important to find a reliable manufacturer of tungsten wedding rings because you will be wearing it for life. So, no matter how simple or intricate you want your tungsten wedding bands to be, you need to choose top quality tungsten ring with excellent craftsmanship that can last forever. Take your time to shop around so your choices will not be limited from a single jeweler.