When it comes to wedding band engraving, there are lots of things you need to know. Typically, a lot of folks believe that engraving your wedding ring makes it more special and increases its sentimental value. This is very much true particularly when you choose to inscribe messages that are dear to your heart or have some special meaning for you. Typical wedding ring inscriptions may include the date of the wedding with the names of both the couple but if you will add more special phrases, it can make the wedding ring more special and meaningful for the both of you. Should you decide to have your wedding rings inscribed, you need to give the inscriptions you want it in your ring some serious thought. But if you have bought it already, you can always add the inscription later. You just need to make sure that you have ring properly sized before you have your wedding band engraving because sizing the ring could have some effects on the actual inscription if you do the sizing after the engraving has been done. You also need to know about the different types of ring engraving and the methods used to put in the inscriptions. There are actually two types of engraving which include hand or machine engraving. A lot of engravers today often use machines to do the inscriptions on the wedding band engraving and they also typically use templates to make the work more precise. To produce the letters for the inscription, engravers need to spread the metal. And since they frequently use templates, it makes your options a bit limited when you choose this particular method. The only advantage is that this is a lot more affordable than hand engraved. When you choose the manual method for your wedding band engraving, you can have unlimited options not only with the message you want inscribed on it but with the type and size of font you want to use. Hand engraving is usually done using a small chisel - like device called the graver. Graves have different shapes and sizes allowing the engraver to produce varying designs and they can also create elaborate symbols should you choose to incorporate it in your wedding ring inscription. And since this can be a very complex procedure, hand engraved wedding rings can cost more than more than what it would ordinarily cost you with a machine engraved inscription. But if you want a more high tech and highly precise wedding band engraving, you can choose to have it laser engraved instead. Laser engraving is fast becoming popular today because there are plenty of advantages you can enjoy should you choose to use this particular method. Laser engraving is very much precise so regardless of how complex the inscription is, you are guaranteed that it will be done without any damage on your wedding ring. In just minutes, you can have your wedding ring engraved with the inscription just the way you want it to be.